We  at  Excel power design  &  develop  highly  reliable  &  innovative products  to  monitor and safeguard the energy        environment and to reduce the energy consumption without altering the efficiency of the device.We mainly focus to        reduce the CO2 carbon emission in the future and to protect the environment.
      Our  technical  department  has  highly skilled and well trained technical professionals who are capable of  designing        and developing any product in the field of Electrical & Power Electronics.


     Our Factory is located in a spacious area of about 2 acres with a built up area of 60000 Sq. ft. and having additional           space for future expansion and about 250 people can able to work in a single shift.
    Our manufacturing and production plant have capacity to manufacture thousands of quantities per   month.  We have       specially imported and automation systems for mass production.

   R & D Capabilities

  • Design of power electronics equipment’s for industrial applications using advanced techniques at printed circuit board level in modular form.

  • Design of low and medium power SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supplies) for different applications with maximum efficiencies in modular form.

  • Design of low power RF equipment’s in VHF and UHF range for controlling industrial equipment’s.

  • Analog electronics design and Digital electronics design for specific requirements for different types of sensors and transducer interfaces.

  • Robotic and automated control electronics design for specific applications.

  • Design Engineering & Prototyping.

Our Exclusive vision is to bring down the cost in electrical energy and to save the environment and also to increase the lifecycle of the machines and reduce the CO2 in future with the help our products.

​   Our Mission  is  to  produce competitively  priced high quality products, supported by reliable after     sales services. The success resulting from our  high  quality manufacturing operations and designs       emboldens the company to progressively capture wider markets