The product ERFINDEN is a newly developed unique patented technology for the improvement of power quality in any type of electrical distribution for different type of loads.   It optimizes the current consumption of electrical loads by increasing the power factor and by reduction of harmonics and also releases maximum current capacity for user loads.   The equipment is one of its kind with current management capacity ranging from minimum to maximum rated value and the equipment will alter its internal parameters relatively fast with the changing electrical parameters of user loads.

ERFINDEN is a product mainly invented to reduce the total power consumption of any electrical equipment by 40-50% and to reduce the carbon emission.   The unique patented technology calculates millions of operations/sec according to the equipment connected to it.   These operations are calculated by its unique patented designed IP to distribute the constant & clean electrical distribution in the networks without any harmonic distortion by increasing the power factor (PF) to 0.99 and to reduce the total electrical (I) consumption by 40- 50% from Grid.
Consumption with ERFINDEN OFF
Consumption with ERFINDEN ON

System                                                       -              3phase 4wire with common neutral
Input voltage phase to neutral                    -              200 to 260 VAC
Input voltage phase to phase                     -              346 to 450VAC
Line frequency                                            -              45 to 55Hz
Current rating per phase                            -              4 to 40Amps
VAR rating per phase                                 -              8KVAR (maximum)
VA rating per phase                                    -              10KVA (maximum)
Ambient temperature                                  -              - 10 to + 60 Degree centigrade
Equipment temperature rise                       -              50⁰C (Approximate)
Equipment cooling                                      -              Forced air cooling
Weight                                                        -              Approx 20-25 Kgs.
Dimensions L x B x H                                 -              500mm x 250mm x 600mm
Body                                                           -              Metallic Powder coated
Display for electrical parameters                -              V-I-PF-W-VA-VAR-Hz
Readings with ERFINDEN OFF
Readings with ERFINDEN ON

  • Reduces harmonics distortion.
  • Increases the power factor (PF) by 0.99
  • Clean & constant electricity distribution network.
  • Increases the life of existing and new products by 50%.
  • Protects all electrical connected equipments from surges and high voltage spikes.
  • Provides necessary energy to the equipments.
  • Maintains the equipment operations without altering its efficiency.
  • Reduces the failure rate of the connected equipments.
  • Major advantage of the ERFINDEN is 2 equipments of same efficiency can be used  while in normal voltage distribution network it is not possible.
  • ERFINDEN protects the parameters of any equipment connected to it against over values of temperature, line voltages and current consumption.
  • Noiseless operation-ERFINDEN is designed in such a way that it does not produces any type of vibration and distortion or unwanted signal which affects the environment.
  • The intelligent unique technology automatically senses the operation & parameters of the equipment connected to it and reduces the total power consumption and harmonics distortion accordingly by increasing its power factor without altering the efficiency.​


  • Reduces the carbon emission and carbon foot print.
  • Reduces the Green house effect.
Current Carbon Emission chart
  • ERFINDEN  mainly focuses to reduce the carbon Emission by 40% in the future.
  • Protects the living and non living things by unwanted emissions and hazards.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Saves the future for Natural gas, oil etc..
  • Reduces the industrial processes from burning the fuel and fossils to generate electricity.
  • Protects the wind turbines to maintain constant RPM.
  • Produces minimum heat dissipation.
  • Reduces the unwanted efforts which spoils environment from transmission to distribution networks.
ERFINDEN Scalability starts from 40 Amps to 650 Amps
Harmonics Distortion with ERFINDEN OFF
Harmonics Distortion with ERFINDEN ON
Commercial graph and pay back period

Monthly Electrical consumption 

  • Practically proved energy efficiency.
  • Cost effective.
  • Ready to install in the existing equipments & projects.
  • Intelligent compact & shock proof design for long run.
  • Zero percent failure rate.
  • Easy for installation & commissioning.
  • Built in meter to monitor the energy saving percentage.
  • Suitable for all types of industries & domestic Appliances.
  • Saves money by saving the cost of total electricity consumption from 45-50%.
  • Provides necessary energy to the equipments.
  • The Product exclusively designed & developed in such a way that it can run for maximum period.


All  types  of  Industries  -  Residential Appartments  -  Kitchen  and  laundry equipments  - Hotels  &  Restaurants - Palaces - Airports -Data Centres Hospitals - Super Markets - Educational institutions – Tanneries – Heaters – Chiller plants – Wind turbines